The Canadian Way is:
  • 100% Wild Canadian Seafood
  • 100% Pure Organic Canadian Maple Syrup
  • Good Ol Customer Service - 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase online.
  • Gentle, Friendly, Down to Earth (Except when we put on our hockey gear .. then it is GAME ON Bucko!!)

Welcome To The Canadian Way


Welcome Australians, Welcome ex-Pat Canucks, Welcome All! This is where you'll find products that Canadians can't live without. Our World Famous family owned Jakemans 100% Pure and Organic Maple Syrup is voted Best Tasting in Canada. Our 100% WILD seafood is caught in the glistening waters of our Coastal shores of Canada and shipped packaged and Frozen direct to our Australian storage facilities where it is then delivered to our retail partners or direct to your door. We will have all our other grocery items available in the future as well. You will be able to feast on all the Canadian Favourites including Motts Clamato Juice, Bits 'n Bites, Kraft Dinner, Triscuits and so on...!



The Canadian Way