About Us

It should come as no surprise that The Canadian Way started by an ex-pat Canuck. David Cost-Chretien loves living in Australia, yet like most people, he just can't let go of certain foods he grew up with. The more ex-pat Canadians he spoke with, the more he realized he had a business (and community service) to launch.

The Canadian Way began with introducing the World Famous 100% Wild Sockeye Salmon from the Pacific West Coast of Canada. Guaranteed 100% Wild, not Wild Caught (Hatchery) or Farmed (commonly known as Atlantic) – YES there is a difference. It wasn't long before many BBQ's and Dinner Parties around Sydney were serving what's considered to be the very best salmon in the world.


Canadian Hospitality

As Canadians we do pride ourselves on having that Customer Service attitude where we put our customers first – It is also common knowledge that we do say Sorry more than most (more than all – really) so take advantage of that and see how it feels to be taken care of from start to finish.